In the world of kreon, the purity of the design is primary.

True to our values and vision and with an eye for our high quality standards in our products, in our designs and in our service to our customers.

We strive for the highest quality in each of our lighting tools that we develop and deliver.

Our knowledge and operation enable us to propose products and solutions customized for each project.

Customization can be as simple as a different colour powdercoating or go as far as a completely new shape.

Colour • material • form

These three characteristics form the base of our bespoke program. Our R&D team will go the distance to turn your concept sketch into a fully realized end product.


Three levels of customization:

  • Adjustments to our tools of lights are possible and allow us to optimize our products and collection for a better match. This first level op customization starts from the standard kreon product and tweaks its appearance by e.g. changing it's finish, while maintaining the overall design and characteristics of the luminaire.
  • Personalized developments go one step further to allow our tools of lights to meet the needs of a specific project. A change of the lightsource, a different way of mounting... the original design is still easily recognizable, but with added elements to suit the requirements of our client.
  • Complete customization ensures a unique approach. This could be an entirely new luminaire design using basic elements of our existing range, or a comletely new set-up of luminaires in a never-seen-before configuration.

Case study: Fine Fleur, Antwerp

The original design of Fine Fleur had more light elements than the final design shows. There are also certain interior design choices made that influenced the lighting. That is when we modify the design.

The lighting plan is always custom-made but, in this case, even the fixtures were custom-made. We chose to extend the use of esprits in function of the space. Even the colour is tailor-made. The pendants have a dark bronze colour. In this situation black would have been too harsh and too present in the space. We try to design together to make sure the total concept ends up being on point”

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Case study: Private residence, Genève

Near lake Léman, in a residential area of Geneva, this late 70’s villa blossoms back to life thanks to the mesmerizing vision the owners had in mind. This young Iranian couple renovated the residence to reflect their style and needs and meet up with the contemporary requirements.

The concept builds around the colour palette of the Calacatta marble. Its distinctive golden veins serve as a guideline throughout the building and returns scattered in the details of  this residence. From the bespoke louvres of the luminaires to the light switches.


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Case study: Restaurant Slagmolen, Oudsbergen

In the spring of 2022, restaurant Slagmolen in Oudsbergen reopened its doors after several months of intensive renovation and expansion work. The renovated restaurant, in a unique setting and with a completely renovated interior that closely matches the beautiful nature, contributes to a sublime culinary experience.
The search for an eye-catcher turned out to be a real challenge. It had to be something that not only provides the right lighting, but also creates atmosphere and ambiance.
In the end, the new alabaster lighting fixtures proved to be the answer.

Bert Meeuwis (master chef of Slagmolen) recalls: We wanted to make a statement. It's not just lighting, it's also atmosphere and ambiance that you create. Even when the lighting is not on. We have considered many different possibilities here: from the idea of having a work of art hung by an artist, to all kinds of floating bronze petals. Each time we were not 100% convinced.”

At kreon we knew we had to come up with something unique here. We just had a new product, lighting fixtures using alabaster. The alabaster, in combination with a custom bronze color to give the whole a more decorative look, turned out to be a perfect match.


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