About kreon

About kreon

kreon is an international organisation manufacturing architectural interior lighting products (lighting tools) and complete metal ceiling solutions, creating contextually appropriate systems within an increasingly changing world.

Committed to excellence since 1982, the premise for kreon’s design is a very clear, characteristic visualisation of the company’s philosophy: purity and simplicity. Wherever possible we draw upon pure three-dimensional architectural forms, highlighting the essential and extracting the structural minimum.
kreon offers timeless and innovative lighting concepts, initiating a dialogue with and between architectural structures.

Philosophy & design

The name kreon originated from “crayon” – the French word for pencil, the only thing you need for the start: a pencil mark.

Since its inception, we have been passionate about making architecture excel and to amplify it. We reduce lighting solutions to the minimum, the strictly necessary. That is our quest for light and dark. In this way we want to bring the beauty of the architectural design to the surface. With the addition or omission of light. Depending on the atmosphere, the material, the overall picture.

And always according to our basic principles: “unity in design, simplicity in techniques and precision in the details”. Staying true to our values and quality, we evolve with it. Our curiosity to keep developing drives us. Our luminaires are timeless and sensitive to trends at the same time. We create solutions for minimalism but also for architecture full of emotion We have decorative products in our collection and sober items.


The evolution within kreon is not only characterised by new media, a new design and mounting techniques. There is a strong focus on quality control of products as well as on service towards our customers. On every level in the organisation, there is a strong drive towards quaranteeing an ever-growing quality. This can only be obtained by integrating all national and European quality standards, for as far as the product standards ENEC 60598 and CEare concerned and the ISO 9001-certificate. All existing products as well as all new developments will be ENEC certified. Needless to mention that all existing products comply with the CE regulations and other existing standards. ISO 9001 is the extended standard out of the ISO 9000 series and effects the total organisation of the company.

More recently, kreon obtained the ISO 14001 certificate. ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system. It maps out a framework that a company or organization can follow to set up an effective environmental management system.

kreon commits to the standards prescribed by ISO 14001. We design, develop, produce and supply top-quality sustainable lighting solutions and ceiling systems. Our fixtures and ceiling systems comply with applicable standards and are made using a conscious choice of sustainable and recyclable materials and environmentally friendly processes and we aim to reduce our CO2 emission by 10% each year.