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New collection!


 Art Director kreon: Kristof Pycke

The return of the object

We at kreon believe that the light in a space and the lighting of architecture is more than an expression of utility. Thanks to the care of esthetic detailing of its products, the constant development of lighting technology and the careful placement of luminaires within the space, kreon proves the opposite. With the new products 2020 kreon introduces a vision for the future.

Modern architectural design and interior design are fast, dynamic and powerful. It could leave kreon at risk for creating
luminaires that would only function for aesthetic use without lighting purpose. More interesting, on the other hand, is to reset the search for new designs. Designs that are rooted from our own inspirational sources and the quest for lighting solutions for modern architecture and lighting planning. The result is the introduction of kreon kagi and kreon inti downlight that show 3 levels of innovation. Introducing diffuse direct light kreon’s recessed luminaires created direct light with a delicate
observation of form and function. In the modern interior design we notice a “flattening” of the surfaces. Therefore one searches for a uniform light on all the surfaces in this space. 

Introducing light to look at 
The lighting of architecture or the lighting of a workspace is only a limited element of a light plan nowadays. Contemporary interior designers are open to the introduction of luminous objects for orientation throughout architecture.

Introducing objects
After the successful introduction of the kreon oran family in 2018, we now introduce new families that continue materialising
lighting objects.


Have a look at our kreonicle magazine to read all about our latest novelties.


kreon aplis 60 & down 60

(available now)

kreon aplis 60 & down 60 is a new range of round — and square shaped recessed downlights with an aperture of 60mm. Equipped with the latest faceted RMJ reflector in a fixed downlight or wallwash luminaire they offer optimal efficiency and uniformity. Combined with an UGR<19 wide flood optic they are the perfect tool to bring general lighting in an office space. With the additional choice of spot, flood, wide flood and wall washer, it provides a truly versatile lighting tool.



kreon kagi

(available now!)


kreon kagi is an innovative and extremely versatile profile system combining linear and accent lighting. The basic 24V profile can be either recessed or surface mounted and can optionally be equiped with 16 mm or 26 mm diameter satinated continuous light tubes for a sustained soft light distribution. A junction allows a perpendicular, 90° tilted second level connection of the 24V profile. Round or square shaped spotlights and wallwashers can be added just by clamping them on the main profiles making kreon kagi an essential lighting tool that can be used as a graphic play of light or guide light.

Download the kreon kagi brochure!




kreon inti

(available now!)


kreon inti is a fully recessed premium downlight with a refined optical system. kreon inti fixed downlight has a build in dome set above a black or white internal louvre, satinated for ambient luminescence or faceted to add a more scattering play of brilliance. kreon inti directional combines the dome effects with a decentralized directional spotlight that has an angular adjustment of 30°. When combined with the choice of spot, darklight or wide darklight reflector it provides a truly accent lighting tool.




kreon stripe

(available now!)

kreon stripe 25 is a truly versatile semi-recessed ceiling luminaire characterised by a compact form hosting a single or double deepset downlight or a single wallwasher. kreon stripe 25 combines small rythmic pools of accent lighting with homogeneous wall washing light effects. High efficient optics provide efficient, glare free light and even light distribution. Finished in black for a dramatic contrast or pure white to disappear in the surrounding architecture.



kreon prologe 40 in-dolma

(available now!)

kreon prologe 40 in-dolma is a new made to measure profile that wants to create functional light through the discrete presence of simple architectural volumes. The program consists of a 48V magnetic track integrated into a kreon dolma 40 recessed profile housing that can be equipped with single or double cilindrical or cubed shaped light modules. These luminaires are available in a downlight or wallwash optic. Additionally the profile works also with most other kreon 48V track luminaires. With this design, kreon prologe 40 in-dolma offers not only a new architecture, but also demonstrates how architecture is defined by light and appearance.




kreon aplis/down 80 high efficiency

(available now)

kreon aplis/down 80 high efficiency integrates the newest high efficient faceted optics as an extension to the existing kreon aplis/ down 80 range. Combined with a COB LED module it creates high efficient pools of light on horizontal surfaces or dramatic scaloping effects on verticals.



kreon side

(available now)

kreon side reproduces many aspects of the classical recessed side light. The faceted reflectors which are incorporated into the light ensure a uniform asymmetrical beam, making kreon side an efficient, compact floor or ceiling washer. A soft yet striking light beam and the steep bevel of the finishing louvre draws attention to the straight vertical back surface which can be finished in various materials according to the designer’s preference. kreon side available in widths of 25, 40 and 80 mm can be merged perfectly into the architecture and combined with other kreon tools of light.



kreon up 80 (with new wall washer optics)

(available now!)

kreon up is a range of floor recessed up lighters characterised by its minimal appearance and optical functionality.
The range offered in two sizes in both square and circular forms, is finished with black or white backed toughened glass with satin stainless steel trim. LED modules are deep-set within the luminaires and are controlled by a choice of anti-glare louvres for precise uplighting, brightness limiting diffusers for ambient or orientation lighting and wall wash optics for vertical illuminance. The units are sealed to IP67 and have a die cast aluminium and stainless steel housing to provide protection from the harshest environments.



kreon side in-line 25

(available now!)

kreon side reproduces many aspects of the classical recessed side light. The faceted reflectors which are incorporated into the light ensure a uniform asymmetrical beam, making the kreon side in-line an efficient, compact floor or ceiling washer. A soft yet striking light beam and the steep bevel of the finishing louvre draws attention to the straight vertical back surface which can be finished in various materials according to the designer’s preference. kreon side in-line is now available in size 25 and can be merged perfectly into the architecture and combined with other kreon luminaires.


kreon oran wall

(available soon!)

With kreon oran, kreon launched its first ornamental line back in 2018. The oran series consisted of pendant and ceiling luminaires. At the end of 2019 the oran range was expanded with a table light, kreon oran object. And now a final member was added to the oran family, kreon oran wall, a series of wall mounted indication luminaires finished with albaster. kreon oran wall is available with or without a disk in white finish. kreon oran wall without disk can either be surface our recessed mounted.


kreon cali

(available now!)

kreon cali is a brand new linear LED profile for kreon integrated ceiling systems.



kreon kido desk

(available Q3 2021)

kreon kido desk is a functional desk light with an asymmetrical light distribution for individual task lighting. Its rotatable head integrates 3 reflectors providing high visual and glare free working light. kreon kido desk can be operated and dimmed wireless just by touching the small tube at it’s base. kreon siro can be flush integrated in the desktop or mounted on a round stand. kreon kido desk is offered in black and white with optional chrome accents.