kreon up-side-down

kreon up-side-down 

up-side-down, kreon's original product philosophy based on the building blocks of modern lighting: from “light planning starting from the space”, to “light planning from the boundaries of this space”.

This conceptually new way of light planning was commercially marketed by kreon in 1987 as a part of the up-side-down products. 33 years later we present an upgraded up-side-down range applying modern day techniques.

up-side-down video:

kreon up in-line & kreon up

kreon up and kreon up in-line are a range of floor recessed up lighters characterised by its minimal appearance and optical functionality.

The ranges are offered in three sizes in both square and circular forms, are finished with black or white backed toughened glass with satin stainless steel trim. 


kreon side in-line & kreon side

The kreon side concept originated from the need to provide ambient and placement lighting from within vertical surfaces. kreon side in-line and kreon side are available in 3 widths: 25, 40 and 80.


kreon down (ato, inti, down & aplis)

The final element in the up-side-down concept are our downlights. We offer 4 different downlight ranges in various widths and shapes. The latest addition to our downlight ranges is kreon inti, a fully recessed premium downlight with a refined optical system!