The elements of architecture

kreon novelties 2024

The elements of architecture

The foundation of architecture and lighting

A brand new kreon tools of light collection – a revolutionary trio inspired by the fundamental elements of architecture: the dot, the stripe, and the line.  
Each member of this new product family embodies simplicity, versatility and precision, providing architects and designers with powerful tools to shape their environments.


dot - stripe - line

kreon downlight 20

First in the lineup is kreon “dot”, which is launched under the name  kreon aplis in-line 20 (circular downlight) or kreon down 20 in-line (square downlight) a minimalist recessed downlight with a mere 20mm diameter, making it the smallest addition to our extensive downlight ranges. 

Available in both square and circular forms, kreon downlight 20 sets a new standard for elegance, seamlessly integrating into any architectural setting. Its unobtrusive design allows for discreet illumination, emphasizing the importance of the smallest details in creating impactful spaces.

  • Type:              recessed downlights size 20
  • Features:        lamphead can be positioned in 3 different heights
  • Finishing:       white or black
  • Optical:          darklight optic with a choice of 3 different reflectors
  • Optional:        blind cover

Launch:  May 2024



kreon stripe

Next, we introduce kreon stripe, a versatile semi-recessed ceiling andwall luminaire that epitomizes adaptability. With a compact form, kreon stripe hosts either a single or double deep-set downlight or a single wall washer, allowing for a variety of lighting effects. 
The kreon dot – stripe – line collection combines rhythmic pools of accent lighting with homogeneous wall washing effects, achieving a perfect balance between aesthetics and performance. The high-efficiency optics ensure glare-free light and even distribution, while the dramatic black finish adds a touch of sophistication or choose pure white for seamless integration into the surrounding architecture.

  • type:               semi-recessed ceiling luminaire
  • features:        single & double fixed downlight and wall washer
  • mounting:      trimless plasterkit with magnetic fixation
  • finishing:       pure white and low gloss black paint
  • beams:          spot 15°, darklight 36°, wide darklight 60° and wall washer
  • optics:           downlight with double focus lens, wallwasher with spoon reflector
  • optional:       concrete plasterkit

Launch:          available! (launched in 2022)




kreon noite

Completing the dot-stripe-line trio is kreon noite, a groundbreaking linear profile system that redefines the concept of architectural lighting. Comprising “dots” of lights, kreon noite can be recessed or surface-mounted, offering unparalleled flexibility. 
Tailor-made to your specifications, you have the freedom to choose the position of the light points within the profile, providing a customized solution for each unique space. kreon noite represents a fusion of innovative design and personalized functionality, setting a new standard for architectural lighting systems.

  • Type:          Recessed or surface mounted profile system
  • Features:    Fixed downlights (1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4), directional spotlights and pendant modules
  • Finishing:   Black, white, brushed bronze, brushed gold, natural anodised and fume grey
  • Optical:      Dark light and wide dark light

Launch:      September - November 2024

Illuminating the outdoors with precision

kreon vergo

The kreon vergo outdoor spotlight family is set to redefine outdoor lighting solutions. Initially, kreon vergo will be launched as a ground pin mounted luminaire. Surface mounted and wall mounted versions will complete the kreon vergo series to suit diverse outdoor lighting needs.
Equipped with double focus lenses, the kreon vergo spotlights ensure precise and uniform light distribution, enhancing the ambiance of any outdoor space. 
With an IP rating of IP67, the kreon vergo spotlights boast robust construction, making them suitable for outdoor installations even in harsh weather conditions. Whether illuminating pathways, highlighting architectural features, or accentuating landscaping elements, kreon vergo outdoor spotlight family combines functionality with aesthetics, offering a sophisticated lighting solution for outdoor environments.

  • Type:                 Outdoor spotlight
  • Features:           single and double version                         
  • Types:               Stake mounted spotlight: 300/600/900
  • Finishing:          black, white, brushed gold, brushed silver, brushed bronze and gun black
  • Optical:             dark light (38°) and wide dark light (76°)
  • Fixture lumen:   291lm
  • Optional:           Additional lenses or colour filters

Launch:              July 2024


belux oto

With the new belux oto luminaire family, belux complements the product portfolio for sophisticated lighting solutions in the office, home office, hospitality and private home sectors. The idea and design of the new and unique lamp was created in the design studio, with Philipp von Lintel and Joel Hoff. The interaction of different light levels in combination with the materialization, which is unique in the high-quality lighting industry, supports the zeitgeist of current and future-oriented lighting planning.


  • Type:                 direct and indirect workspace lighting
  • Features:          reading lights, standing lights, pendant lights, desk mounted lights
  • Finishing:         black, matt / deep blue, glossy / sand beige, glossy /cement grey /glossy-white, matt

Launch date:   belux oto 450 is available for order, belux oto 300 will be available in Q4 2024

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