Van Marcke HQ

Van Marcke HQ

Kortrijk, Belgium
AAVO Architects
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In 2019, Van Marcke, one of the main players in sanitation and heating in Belgium moved to its new headquarters in Aalbeke. The new building was designed by AAVO Architects who rigorously selected each building solution in order to design a building that respects the environment.

Inside the headquarters the balance between raw structure and high level finish becomes clear. The main part of the office areas, built around a central atrium, is finished with vektron clip-in ceilings, suspended from the ceiling, reveal the unadorned concrete and utility infrastructure that lies overhead.

A deliberate choice of design elements contributes to the headquarters' distinct atmosphere. The prevalent use of black ceiling tiles cultivates a sense of intimacy, enveloping the space in a warm and cozy ambiance. However, the architects introduced a touch of distinction by adorning selected zones with a metallic champagne bronze coating. This clever contrast sets these areas apart, adding an element of visual interest within the larger context of the office.

Throughout the building, the lighting is provided by vektron tenno fixtures. Alongside these luminaires, an assortment of track lights creates a layered illumination scheme that adapts to the various needs of the space.

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