Antwerp, Belçika
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Arne Jennard

Antwerp’s finest fashion boutique: SN3. It’s becoming one of the best kept secrets in Antwerp: SN3 is located in one of the remaining historical cinema buildings in Antwerp. The store opened its doors in 2009 on the prestigious Frankrijklei, not far from the Opera House.
The challenge in this historical building: preserve the ancient walls and still providing the best lighting to light out the luxury clothes of Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Dior. We  suggested to use a track system, combined with holon 80, as this is highly flexible and adaptable to a rearranged boutique.
In the renewed part of the store, we offered to use recessed aplis 80 spotlights with a deep-set LED that provides a subtle feeling of light without the uncomfortable sight of light. For accent lighting we integrated recessed mounted holon 80 directional spotlights, that direct the light to the desired direction.

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