Paramount Miami Private Residence

Paramount Miami Private Residence

Paramount Miami World Center, Miami, Florida
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Luis Arturo Mora - LAMphotos
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The Lighting Studio (Vivian Sanchez)

Paramount Miami Private Residence is a private residence located in Parmount Miami World Center – one of the most international properties globally with residents from more than 57 countries. It won the coveted USA & Americas Property Award in 2020-21. Paramount is 60 stories high and overlooking the downtown Miami skyline. Paramount has the largest amenity deck in the US and also includes the country’s first soccer field to be featured in a high rise residential development along with tennis courts, multiple pools, lush parks and spas. One of the private residences located inside Paramount Miami World Center incorporated kreon lights throughout their beautiful modern home. kreon prologe in-line was used as a comfortable level of brightness in combinations with the natural light coming in from the large windows overlooking the city, adding to the visual space of the room. The surface mounted lights maximize efficiency by placing light directly where it is needed.

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