kreon headquarters

kreon headquarters

Opglabbeek, Belçika
kreon / Conix RDBM Architects
Fotoğrafçı : 
Serge Brison

The kreon headquarters exude ‘purity in light’

Unity in design, technology-integrated design and precision in detail. It is precisely through the consistent pursuit of these three principles from 1982 to today that Belgian company kreon has involved into the number-one international reference for design luminaires and become the provider of ‘purity in light’. kreonrecently began offering this ‘purity in light’ experience at its new headquarters in Opglabbeek, a co-creation of CONIX RDBM Architects and kreon Art Director, Kristof Pycke, who integrated the kreonphilosophy seamlessly into the building’s architecture. 

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