Private residence

Private residence, Liège

Liège, Belgium
Luc Spits
Caroline Dethier

The architecture of this villa is motivated by the liberation of space and the keen awareness of the essence of the materials used. A precise and deliberate choice of raw materials for the intrinsic beauty that they represent. These materials respond to each other in a no-frills interior that draws its strength and beauty from clear lines, robust materials and functional organisation.

Comfort and conviviality are found in this decor where lightness and solidity balance each other. The choice for vektron ceilings echoed the desire for raw materials. A sheet of metal that appears simple but which allows you to combine an acoustic response with a fine lighting of the premises. Set back from the glazing, they give even more lightness and strength to the underlying concrete.

The quality, finish, sobriety and minimalism of kreon products combine seamlessly with the clean lines that characterize the architecture of the Luc Spits office.

Gebruikte armaturen



Gebruikte armaturen