Granada Gallery x Jochen Leën

Gallery Jochen Leën, Antwerp

Antwerp, Belgium
Serge Brison

In the renowned diamond capital of Belgium, the Granada Gallery emerges as a true gem itself, located within the luxurious Botanic Sanctuary, a five star superior hotel in the middle of Antwerp.
Here, the showcased gems radiate their own light, rendering additional illumination almost redundant. Jochen Leen, the mastermind behind the gallery, presents a collection that showcases the epitome of exclusive jewelry design. Amidst these treasures, the innate beauty of nature's gems finds its place, creating an interesting contrast that honors both human craftsmanship and the marvels of the earth.
Illuminated by kreon holon fixtures, each piece receives precise lighting that enhances its allure. The gallery transforms into a platform where gems take the spotlight, accentuated by fixtures chosen to elevate their magnificence.
Granada Gallery goes beyond being just a jewelry venue; it becomes a realm where art, nature, and luxury converge in Antwerp's heart. 




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