Bank of America | Capitol Tower

Bank of America | Capitol Tower

Houston, Texas, USA
Gensler Houston
Sean Fleming Photography
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Onelux New York

Capitol Tower: Illuminating Innovation in Downtown Houston, USA

Capitol Tower, an architectural masterpiece envisioned by Gensler, stands tall as a beacon of innovation in downtown Houston. Spanning 754,000 square feet, this iconic structure seamlessly blends sleek office spaces with captivating design elements. At its core lies an expansive, two-level, open-air atrium, meticulously crafted to integrate retail and restaurant spaces, spanning over 26,000 square feet. Serving as more than just a passageway, this dynamic hub emerges as a vibrant focal point, connecting street-level activity with the city's bustling pedestrian tunnel system.

Central to this architectural marvel is kreon's visionary lighting solution: kreon cana 120. Integrated throughout the lobby, these lighting profiles not only illuminate but also unify, creating a seamless flow of light across the ground floor. Custom-made kreon cana 120 profiles, complemented by integrated kreon ligna in-cana and kreon prologe twin in-cana, adorn the space, offering bespoke lighting solutions tailored to the project's unique requirements. Beyond illumination, these profiles serve as versatile platforms, capable of integrating additional technologies such as ventilation, audio, and motion sensors, enhancing functionality to unprecedented levels.

Yet, Capitol Tower transcends mere design—it embodies sustainability. Recognized as a pioneer of LEED Version 4, this project sets the global standard for eco-conscious construction. Achieving LEED Platinum v4 Core and Shell Certification, it stands as a testament to environmental stewardship. Its success in the revamped materials and resources credits underscores a commitment to responsible building practices, cementing its legacy as a shining example of sustainable architecture for generations to come.


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