Villa B

Villa B

Munich, Germany
.PEAM design
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Maximilian Bridts

A fresh perspective on villa design: Open-hearted, yet approachable. Refined, without an air of exclusivity. Welcoming, while avoiding coldness. In the creation of a new residence for a family by Lake Starnberg, .PEAM design undertook a complete reimagining of floor plans, resulting in a modern living concept. The presence of expansive oak installations, walls finished in natural lime plaster, and polished cement floors fosters an atmosphere of tranquility and unity. Sustainability finds expression both in material choices and the enduring nature of the chosen style.

Within the context of this high-end villa, .PEAM design has opted to partner with kreon for the majority of its lighting needs. Meticulously selecting only 3 distinct luminaire models, we have harmoniously incorporated them throughout the villa's spaces. The trio of kreon kagi, kreon holon 40 directional, and kreon esprit ceiling luminaires have been seamlessly integrated into the project, all featuring an elegant black finish. This thoughtful choice generates a striking contrast against the light tones of the ceilings and walls, while also creating a cohesive link with the interior's black elements.

The entrance area welcomes you with its expansive and inviting aura, tinged with an air of mystery. Concealed behind a lengthy oak wall, an abundance of storage space and the entrance to the children's rooms remain discreet. Functionality meets aesthetics as the interior of the elongated bench doubles as storage. Notable intricacies include the seamless integration of the bench with the staircase, while delicate strips of light beneath the stairs gracefully traverse the wall, mirroring the sun's path throughout the day. The holistic scene forms a harmonious interplay of tranquility and revitalization.

In the pursuit of visual repose, the design philosophy embraces simplicity, allowing space for clarity. This ethos extends to the master bedroom and master bathroom, nestled behind bespoke wooden fixtures. Serving as an invigorating counterpoint, the dressing area presents an optical illusion through a floor-to-ceiling mirror, evoking the sensation of an elongated corridor. An enchanting light spectacle unfolds, enhanced by strategically positioned spotlights.

Unified by warm, monochromatic hues of plastered walls, wooden elements, and furnishings, this palette becomes the canvas for captivating light compositions. Collaborating with accomplished lighting designers, .PEAM design crafts spaces through the artistry of illumination.

Within the residence, the bathroom emerges as the paramount sanctuary. A juxtaposition of cozy wood and sophisticated travertine tiles generates a harmonious contrast that simultaneously soothes and rejuvenates. This equilibrium strikes the perfect chord between rustic charm and timeless elegance.


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