Attico privato Anversa

Penthouse MAS, Anversa

Anversa, Belgio
Dieter Vander Velpen Architects
Fotografo : 
Patricia Goijens

The penthouse consists of two floors and has a total area of ​​approximately 240 m². In short: the kitchen and living room form an open space - almost completely surrounded by windows with a view of the MAS - and there is a hall towards the elevator, toilet and a space that serves as an office / cinema lounge. The ground floor is conceived as one large master suite with a "sacral" hall, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a gym. Dieter vander Velpen started the project in 2016 with a blank sheet. “Airframe and raw concrete. "There was no more to it", says the architect. “But the spaces were good. The goal was to create a Mediterranean vibe.”

An indispensable aspect of the whole story is lighting. Lighting has been integrated into the design from the beginning. Entering into an oasis of peace was the intention.

In the kitchen / living room kreon cana 80 profiles were used, in combination with kreon aplis in-line 80 spotlights. Profiles are very interesting to create lines and provide uniformity and tranquility.

The same lines are extended in the hall to the office / cinema space. In this way synergy between different rooms is ensured.
With regard to lighting, it is striking how the lines of the hall and the living space are extended with a kreon cana 80 profile. In smaller spaces kreon cana 40 profiles were used, in combination with kreon aplis in-line 40. By using the same “family” of luminaires in a total project, the house is balanced and peaceful. The whole here is very atmospheric, but at the same time timeless. kreon was the ideal partner for this.


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