Music House

Music House

Valencia, Spain
Sergio Adelantado & Sara López Blanco Arquitectos
David Zarzoso

Beautiful villa located in Valencia Spain designed by Architectural office, Estudio Ladaa. The gentle forms of different dimensions playfully adapt to the local climate and surrounding environment.

The wooden details in combination with the authentic brick stone walls bring warmth to the architecture of the villa. The abundance of natural light is interspersed with a comprehensive mix of kreon tools of light luminaires.

For the outdoor lighting, kreon wabi fixtures are positioned very precisely against the exterior walls and provide subtle illumination to the facade of the building.

In the outdoor kitchen, seamlessly built-in kreon aplis in-line 80 fixtures provide pleasant lighting above the dining table. Inside the villa, the same kreon aplis in-line fixtures are used in the kitchen and hallways. kreon custom-made nuit profiles are used for general lighting in different areas of this residential project. Above the desk in the office space, a custom made kreon nuit profile is equipped with 2 suspended holon 40 fixtures that provide focused light. In the stairwell and above the bookcase, the same kreon nuit profiles are fitted with kreon holon 40 directional fixtures. kreon nuit profiles are also integrated in both the bath- and dressing room. Aside from the kreon nuit profiles, kreon holon 40 directional spots illuminate the bathroom. These kreon holon 40 directional spots are used in the living room as well, but for the downstairs areas the desingers opted for a recessed installation.

In the dining room you will find 3 suspended kreon oran craft luminaires above the dining table. These decorative kreon oran fixtures with mould-blown glass bulbs blend perfectly with the interior of this modern home.

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