Biscayne Point résidence privé

Biscayne Point résidence privé

Miami Beach, Florida
Choeff Levy Fischman Architect
Luis Arturo Mora - LAMphotos
The Lighting Studio (Vivian Sanchez)

This luxury private home is located in Biscayne Point. A neighborhood of North Beach in the city of Miami Beach, Florida. It is located on three islands, just north of Normandy Shores. Biscayne Point is well-maintained for professionals, business executives, and families that are looking for city life with a great neighborhood feel. This home has a 50ft lap pool along with a hot tub lit by a canopy that covers it and the outdoor dining area, installed with kreon prologe lights. The prologe in-line profile system was used in the living and dining area. Kreon Project Downlights were used throughout various floors of the residence providing a feeling of light without directly seeing the lighting because of its deeper recessed position. The Up 165 wall washer was used to light a grand wall with fireplace that is a focal point in the formal living room

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