Station House, London

Station House, London

London, United Kingdom
LBMV architects

Nestled in the historic Highbury conservation area, an extraordinary architectural transformation took place as an old warehouse was reborn into a luxurious apartment. This ambitious project involved converting a two-floor residential unit situated below street level, a task that presented unique challenges and opportunities.

A remarkable discovery added a layer of intrigue to this conversion. The apartment's defining feature, the square arches that graced its interior, unveiled a fascinating history. These arches were remnants of the original Canterbury Station, which once bridged over bustling railway tracks. While the upper part of the station met its fate in the 1960s, the lower section remained intact, concealed within the apartment's walls.

Inspired by the historical significance of these arches, a transformative design solution was conceived. The roof of one of these square arched spaces was delicately opened, giving birth to an internal lightwell. This architectural innovation flooded the previously dimly lit space with an abundance of natural light, breathing new life into the apartment.

The result? A luxury apartment that seamlessly melds historical significance with modern elegance, a testament to the magic that can be woven into architectural transformations.

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