Restaurant Modest

Restaurant, Modest

Oudsbergen, Belgium
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In the town Opglabbeek lies restaurant Modest, by chef-cook Sander Spreeuwers.
Upon entry, the belux cloud luminaire in the cloakroom sets the tone with its welcoming glow, hinting at the refined ambiance within.
Inside the dining area, kreon kagi profiles take center stage, immersing the space in a well-crafted interplay of light and shadow. Against the black ceiling, these profiles blend seamlessly, allowing the illuminated areas to shine, adding a touch of intimacy and luxury to the dining experience.
The art adorning the walls receives its own spotlight – kreon ato in-line directional spotlights infuse the artwork with an illuminating grace.
This motif of round shaped fixtures is seamlessly carried into the open kitchen area, where kreon aplis in-line downlights find their place, underlining the harmony between aesthetics and functionality.
Even the restroom area maintains the restaurant's signature aesthetic. The distinctive black motif is replicated, serving as a reminder of Modest's identity. Here, kreon stripe luminaires provide a soft and inviting illumination, enhancing the ambiance while continuing the restaurant's design language.

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