Restaurant Fine Fleur

Restaurant Fine Fleur

Antwerp, Belgium
Dennis T'Jampens
Fotógrafo : 
Serge Brison

Fine Fleur is a, 1 Michellin star, fine dining restaurant, in the heart of Antwerp run by chefs Thomas Diepersloot and Jacob-Jan Boerma, serving French-inspired cuisine with fresh Asian influences. The restaurant opened its doors to the public in October 2021. Thanks to their passion, knowledge and experience, Thomas and Jacob-Jan manage to combine the very best products with casual hospitality.

The appearance of Fine Fleur is sleek and modern. For this high-end project, interior architect Dennis T'Jampens contacted kreon to provide the lighting for the restaurant. The beautiful concept with a classy appearance was a perfect match with kreon's lighting solutions.

Because both chefs have their own unique style in the kitchen, kreon also opted for a unique and non-mainstream lighting concept, in consultation with the architect, Dennis 'T Jampens. The spots (kreon ato twin) are subtly incorporated into the beamed ceiling and provide atmospheric basic lighting. The eye-catchers (kreon esprit ceiling) have been custom-painted in dark bronze, which fits better in the overall concept. In addition to down-light spots, up-light floor spots (kreon up 80) are provided to accentuate the architecture, which creates a nice dynamic in the room. kreon has thus provided a fully tailor-made concept.

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