Private villa

Private villa, Waasmunster

Waasmunster, Belgium
Reid - Senepart & Michael Lievois
Fotógrafo : 
Nick Cannaerts

Located near Waasmunster, a distinctive two-story villa stands adorned in light grey brickwork. As you enter, a world of refined contrasts unfolds—a harmonious blend of black and white tones, complemented by natural elements and colours.

The living area exudes an air of privacy, thanks to its black ceiling. Illumination is provided by discreet black luminaires that seamlessly merge with the ceiling

Moving to the kitchen area, a different dynamic emerges. The same luminaires—the kreon cana profile and circular kreon aplis in-line downlights—take on a contrasting role in combination with a  white backdrop. This design choice adds a modern touch and practical illumination to the culinary space.

As you explore the villa, the theme of contrasts continues to unfold. The interplay between black and white, the seamless integration of luminaires, and the thoughtfully curated design elements all contribute to an experience that's visually engaging and inviting. 

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