Private residence, Germany

Private residence, Germany

Icking, Germany
Sebastian Wiedemann Architekten
Fotógrafo : 
Sorin Morar

Step into a modern residence designed by Sebastian Wiedemann Architekten. The interior ambiance is defined by a palette of wooden, light grey, and white shades, complemented by subtle black accents.

In the kitchen and living area, practicality meets style. The space is brought to life by black kreon holon 40 directional spotlights, providing focused illumination where needed. Over the dining table, kreon oran craft pendants hang gracefully, infusing the area with a cozy glow, perfect for shared meals. Meanwhile, the kreon lini above the kitchen tablet ensures that both functionality and aesthetics are seamlessly integrated.

The staircase becomes an artful journey, thanks to the kreon oran in-line luminaires scattered across the wall. These not only light the way but also infuse the stairflight with a sense of design, transforming it into a visually captivating element within the space.

Sebastian Wiedemann Architekten has curated a home that embodies contemporary design sensibilities. The colour palette and carefully chosen lighting fixtures work together to create an environment that is both inviting and refined. This residence is a reflection of the architect's commitment to modern living, where practicality and style coexist harmoniously.

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