kreon stone collection

Discover the new kreon stone collection!
A collection of luminaires finished with alabaster. 

kreon stone collection is materialized by the mineral alabaster.  This lightly coloured, translucent and soft stone has been used throughout history primarily for carving decorative artifacts.  Alabaster has a fine uniform grain with an oxide of iron, which produces brown clouding and veining in the stone.

The range of kreon stone collection is characterized by a glow of light that creates a pleasant atmosphere through the translucent mineral material. In addition, the pendant luminaires have a diffused downward beam providing additional light on horizontal surfaces.


kreon oran stone pendant

kreon oran pendant stone is a collection of pendant luminaires finished with round or sqaure shaped alabaster light modules. kreon oran pendant is optionally covered by a lampshade. kreon oran pendant can also be integrated into kreon nuit and kreon cana profiles.



kreon oran stone wall 

kreon oran stone wall is a surface mounted guidelight finished with alabaster. 


kreon oran in-line stone 

kreon oran stone in-line is a recessed mounted luminaire with an alabaster disk that brings a unique and poetic touch to your space.


kreon oran object stone 

kreon oran object stone is a table light with alabaster bulb. The stone bulb diffuses light softly and evenly with an unmistakable translucency. 


kreon kagi stone

kreon kagi stone modules are alabaster elements that can be clamped on the kreon kagi profiles. The alabaster module adds a beautiful natural elegance and elevated charm to any room.