Restaurant Slagmolen

Slagmolen, Restaurant

Oudsbergen, Belgium
Stefanie Coninx
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After several months of intensive renovation and expansion work, the De Slagmolen restaurant in Oudsbergen reopened its doors in spring 2022. The renewed restaurant of Michelin’s two-star chef Bert Meewis and his wife Karlijn Libbrecht has since earned accolades - and for much more than the exceptional cooking skills of chefs Bert and Giel Meewis. The unique setting and completely renovated interior, closely set within beautiful natural surroundings, further contribute to a sublime culinary and total experience.
The search for an eye-catcher turned out to be a real challenge. It had to be something that not only provides the right lighting, but also creates atmosphere and ambiance.
In the end, the new alabaster lighting fixtures proved to be the answer. The alabaster, combined with a bronze colour to give it a more decorative look, was a real hit




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