Quadrant House

Quadrant House

Varsovia, Polonia
Pulva (Adam Pulwicki)
Fotógrafo : 
Arne Jennard

In the suburb of Warsaw among the average single-family housing, you can find an interesting piece of architecture: the Quadrant house. It might look as an ordinary house, but it’s everything but that. What’s so special? Well, this house has a terrace that moves along with the sun. The movement and its speed is adapted to the sun’s wandering. The drive system is fully automated and has advanced safety sensors - if it encounters an obstacle, the terrace stops, making it completely safe to use. However, for funcional reasons, manual control is also possible. The terrace has been programmed to be in constant motion during the day, thanks to which natural grass grows underneath. In an architectural masterpiece as this, the perfect lighting could not been forgotten. Together with the kreon lighting consultancy department, architect Robert Konieczny (KWK Promes) and interior architect Adam Pulwicki (Pulva) designed a lighting plan that makes the architecture stand out and makes it come into its own.




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