Private residence, Wierden

Private residence, Wierden

Wierden, The Netherlands
Diseño de iluminación: 
Lumio Lichtprojecten

Enter into a private residence where Lumio Lichtprojecten has designed a lighting plan that enhances every facet of the space.

The colour scheme throughout the residence consists of calming whites and earthy tones. These colours evoke a sense of calm and sophistication, creating a backdrop that allows the lighting to shine with even greater brilliance. Touches of black luminaires add contrast, injecting visual interest into the overall design.

The preference for authentic, natural materials is a standout feature of this home. This preference is evident in the choice of lighting fixtures as well. The kreon oran stone family, featuring an alabaster finish, is strategically placed throughout the house.

In this private residence, Lumio Lichtprojecten has skillfully utilized lighting as a tool to transform spaces. As you explore the house, you'll witness firsthand how well-planned lighting can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a living space, elevating it beyond the ordinary.




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