Private residence

Private residence, Madrid

Madrid, Spain
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Silvia Paredes photography

Discover one of the appartment  within the  Lagasca 99 complex, an innovative residential building in Madrid's Salamanca neighborhoodone of the most distinguished areas in Madrid, known for its history and architecture. Located at the gates of Madrid's renowned Golden Mile, the property is as a benchmark of style and design, a result of Rafael de la Hoz's architectural work, known for the outstanding livability and sustainability of his projects..

Inside the apartment, natural light bathes the space, aided by well-placed general and accent lighting. In the entrance hall, kreon aplis in-line and kreon guide the way. Meanwhile, the living room is illuminated by a combination of decorative lighting and black kreon holon 80 and kreon wabi for directional for general and accent lighting.

As the night descends, a collection of kreon side in-line 40 fixtures light the staircase leading to the second floor. The bedroom's illumination takes on a different approach, relying on white fixtures. The kreon nuit profile envelops the room in gentle, widespread illumination, while the kreon esprit spotlight steps in to add spotlighting effects to specific areas.

In this Lagasca 99 apartment, the interplay between natural light and carefully designed fixtures fosters an atmosphere of contemporary comfort. Architectural finesse combines with practicality, creating a space that embraces both modern living and architectural legacy.




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