Linq Up

Linq Up

Mechelen, Belgium
Fotógrafo : 
Liesbet Goetschalckx

LinqUp stands as an investment consortium, pioneered by a visionary Belgian entrepreneur with a track record of success. Their focus is on nurturing technology enterprises that aspire to accelerate their growth on a global scale.

Perched at the highest tier, the LinqUp offices are the brainchild of Architect PUUR, offering a view of the Malinois skyline.

Inside, the interior alternates between warm wood, cool grey, and crisp white tones, creating an inviting yet professional ambiance. Architect PUUR's opted for discreet all-white luminaires that seamlessly blend with the environment, quietly enhancing the space without demanding attention.

A pragmatic approach extends to the ceilings with islands of vektron clip-in ceilings above meeting areas, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes. These ceilings not only provide essential lighting but also contribute to acoustic comfort, making them integral to the functionality of the space.




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