Klosterneuburg, Austria
Zoran Bodrozic
Robert Niederl

On the edge of a forest to the north, above a meadow on slope towards the south, and with beautiful views over the Danube River, the Klosterneuburg Abbey, and the City of Vienna, is the site where the house called “Widescreen” found her place. Built for one big family, with an open view to the landscape from all rooms and spaces across 3 floors.
This concept necessitated the maximum possible width within the regulations, and needed two completely different sides of the house. Closed to the north, with only two large sliding doors on the edges, open to the terraces. Structural glazing in the south 3 stories high, maximum open to the sun and the view, and a big stone terrace on the basement level, ending in the wide infinity swimming pond on the edge of the slope.
To fit with the minimalist style of the building, architect Zoran Bodrozic chose for a selection of elegant but functional kreon tools of light, including down in-line 80 recessed spotlight and erubo surface mounted spotlight.

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