Skin Cosmetics

Skin Cosmetics

Oosterbeek, The Netherlands
Roy de Scheemaker

Skin Cosmetics in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands illuminated its store with Kreon tools of light.

In a space of 200 m2 interior architect, Roy de Scheemaker designed a perfumery for exclusif niche brands. De shop window was restored. The door was made higher and in line with the window.

Behind the facade all the smal rooms were removed from first floor to basement. In the full height we could place a large entresol. The basement was extended and can be reached through wide stairs.

The plan concentrated around feeling and experience. To a certain scent belongs a certain atmosphere. In the spacious bright shop, the corresponding atmospheres were designed and combined to a unity. It's possible to scent, test and taste throughout the whole shop.

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