Private villa, Lombardy

Private villa, Lombardy

Monza e Brianza, Italy
MMG Interior Design Studio

This luxurious villa offers its residents a unique experience of architecture and light.

Kreon tools of light provide ultimate light quality and variability throughout the entire residence. 
Different moods can easily be created with the help of the state of the art home automation system.

A variety of Kreon luminaires where used throughout the entire villa. Kreon Down in line 80 directional in all rooms, Regard in the kitchen, Prologe 80 in Dolma in the living room, Dolma in the entrance and on a terrace. Outdoor, were also used special Down in Line 165 with Up in Line Outdoor standard and wallwasher.

Interesting union with Belux products like Liftolino for bedside tables, Cloud at the entrance and stairs, Twilight in the spacious and elegant living room.

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