Private villa, Charneux

Private villa, Charneux

Charneux, Belgium
Luc Spits
Serge Brison

This house is situated in the heart of the Herve Plateau in Belgium on an estate of 10 acres occupied by horses and cattle.

Each point of view from the house, the cottage or the swimming pool provides a unique and particular angle on the landscape. Mezzanines and light enhance the relations between different levels and volumes.

The rubble stone implemented in contemporary forms offers the volumes strength and finesse. Large windows emphasize the pure architectural lines and bring gentleness and transparency, while the cantilevered door in rubble stone overlooking the back window illustrates the solid aerial principle.

A pond that seems to float between the different volumes brings calmness and serenity to the primary living spaces. These spaces are interrupted by different foyers which provides comfort, well-being and conviviality.

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