Private residence

Private residence, Gelderland

Gelderland, The Netherlands
Mart Goossens @ Flare Department

Located in Gelderland, the Netherlands, this villa showcases meticulous attention to detail and sophisticated design. The villa's entrance makes an immediate impact with its dark wooden finishes, complemented by natural stone surfaces and refined black accents.

Indoor lighting takes center stage, with kreon aplis in-line and kreon down downlights working in harmony. This dynamic interplay not only accentuates the architecture but also creates a welcoming ambiance. The addition of kreon side lights adds a subtle touch, enhancing the overall illumination.

For circulation areas, kreon cana 40 luminaires paired with holon 40 directional spotlights provide practical yet stylish lighting solutions. This combination guides the way, ensuring a seamless transition through the villa's spaces.

The outdoors come to life with purposeful illumination. kreon dolma 80 luminaires grace the facade, while kreon rokko luminaires bring warmth to terraces and stairs. These choices extend the villa's aesthetic to the exterior, merging beauty and functionality.

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