Private residence

Private Residence, Grobbendonk

Grobbendonk, Belgium
Dennis T'Jampens

This private residence in Grobbendonk skillfully marries historical elements of the house with modern aesthetics, creating an inviting and visually appealing living space. The play between soft and bold, aged and contemporary, creates an atmosphere that is both comfortable and captivating.

The house effortlessly combines old-world charm with sleek, contemporary design choices. Soft colours and materials provide a comforting backdrop, while bold black elements and hard materials add a striking contrast. This contrast creates a dynamic visual appeal that defines the interior.

An eye-catching feature of the residence is the use of pink natural stone for the fireplace. This unique stone not only graces the fireplace but also finds its place in the bathroom and various details throughout the house. This cohesive design choice ties the spaces together, creating a sense of unity and elegance.

The general lighting is provided mainly kreon aplis in-line 40 and kreon holon 40 directional luminaires, casting a warm and ambient glow that highlights the textures and design elements of the interior. A few of these lighting fixtures are finished in a customized bronze tone, which is also echoed in elements like kitchen taps and drawer handles, creating a consistent theme.

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