Private residence

Private residence, Zoutleeuw

Zoutleeuw, Belgium
Pas Interieur

In Zoutleeuw, a private residence curated by Pas Interieur stands as a symbol of aesthetic refinement. Upon entering, the path is illuminated by kreon cana 80 profiles, guiding the way to the living room. Here, the focal point is the custom-built shelves that blend seamlessly with a natural stone fireplace, creating a captivating visual.

Moving to the kitchen, the kreon cana 80 profiles reappear, complemented by kreon aplis in-line downlights, providing functional yet elegant lighting. Upstairs, the bathroom boasts the luxury of Carrara marble, with kreon holon 40 downlights adding illumination to the space.

Pas Interieur's design narrative is evident throughout the residence, emphasizing both aesthetics and functionality. Each space is thoughtfully lit using kreon's luminaires, enhancing the overall ambiance. The residence becomes a testament to the synergy between design and light, creating an inviting and luxurious living environment.

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