Penthouse, Valencia

Penthouse, Valencia

Valencia, Spain
Sergio Adelantado & Sara López Blanco Arquitectos
David Zarzoso

As you enter this penthouse in Valencia, the sloped ceiling immediately catches your eye, setting the tone for the entire space. This unique ceiling angle led the lighting designer to opt for a practical approach, resulting in a lighting concept that harmonizes seamlessly with the distinctive architecture.

To illuminate the area effectively, the lighting designer went with ceiling-mounted directional fixtures. The kreon holon 40 directional spotlight takes the lead, providing targeted lighting that adapts to the sloped ceiling's layout. Accompanying this choice is the pendant kreon nuit profile, which gracefully hangs and includes additional directional spotlights. Both fixtures, finished in sleek black, not only offer functionality but also enhance the visual drama of the space.

Moving to the rooftop terrace, which offers a panoramic view of Valencia's skyline, the lighting designer's vision takes a new dimension. Here, the objective is to create an ambiance that embraces the surroundings. The kreon wabi fixtures come into play, casting a warm and inviting glow that complements the atmosphere of relaxation and appreciation.

Adding to the terrace's charm, the kreon up glass luminaires make an appearance, creating a soft and serene radiance.

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