Hotel Warszawa

Hotel Warszawa

Warsaw, Poland
M. Grzybek / G. Grzybek / M. Stępniewski-Janowski / P. Kramarz / J. Zardini / J. Wichłacz
Arne Jennard

The building of the hotel is one of the most important representatives of Polish interwar architecture. It became an important symbol of the revivating Warsaw after the war. Towering majestically above the capital, visible from a distance of up to 20 km. Its modern steel and reinforced concrete construction was the answer to the strong and dynamic urbanization of the Warsaw agglomeration and proof of the mastery of pre-war engineering. Today, it is one of the most modern hotels in Poland.
The hotel is almost completely illuminated with kreon tools of light. Made to measure kreon cana 40 profiles with copper louvers illuminate the lobby of the hotel, other products used, include kreon holon 40, kreon aplis 40 and belux lifto.

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