Family office with adjoining flat

Family office with adjoining flat

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mart Goossens @ Flare Department

In the heart of Amsterdam's iconic Vondelpark, a hidden gem of tranquility awaits - a family office exuding a remarkable sense of serenity. As you step through its doors, the city's bustling city life fades away, replaced by a profound sense of calm that permeates the interior.
Throughout this oasis, the play of light and design sets the stage for a unique experience. The kreon aplis 80 luminaires and kreon holon 40 directional spotlights provide the perfect balance of general lighting. They infuse the space with a gentle, welcoming glow, creating an environment of warmth and sophistication.
The hallways are thoughtfully illuminated by the same kreon holon 40 directionals, mounted onto a kreon cana profile. This distinctive choice highlights the corridors as elegant pathways through the office, enhancing the overall ambiance.
In the living room a kreon nuit profile puts the eye-catcher, the striking fireplace into the spotlight.
In the heart of Amsterdam's vibrant chaos, this family office is a haven of calm and luxury. It harmoniously combines exquisite lighting design with a unique location, providing a retreat where the city's hustle and bustle is locked outside, and the tranquility within takes center stage.

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