CosmopOlitan Gallery

CosmopOlitan gallery

Genk, Belgium
Buro B
Serge Brison

The P8 building in Genk, designed by famous  architect Mario Botta, hosts the Cosmopolitan gallery.

The cosmOpolitan gallery was founded in 2013, with a vision to represent and promote the works of art and concepts of Koen Vanmechelen. The founders, Yannick Nijs and Luc Vrielinck, wanted to create a platform that enabled them to stage exhibitions and provide first hand insight into the fascination world of the artist. Furthermore, the gallery creates a commercial selling point with direct access to the artist and his studio.

Koen Vanmechelen is one of the most prolific and prominent contemporary artist in Belgium. Central to his extensive and innovative oeuvre is the concept of bio-cultural diversity. Vanmechelen gained worldwide acclaim with his Cosmopolitan Chicken Project, an international undertaking of crossbreeding national chicken species, in search of a hybrid or cosmopolitan chicken. This super bastard would eventually carry the genes of all breeds of chicken on this planet. Vanmechelen has several projects parallel to the CCP: The CosmoGolem, The Walking Egg and The Cosmopolitan Chicken Research Project. The artist's work is an investigation of and an ode to the beautiful diversity and hybridity of life.

The gallery is fully lit with white Erubo on-Track luminaires, scattered across multiple profiles positioned on the ceiling in a parallel arrangement

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