BMW Van Osch

BMW Van Osch, Hasselt

Hasselt, Belgium

BMW  Van Osch boasts a showroom that epitomizes luxury and innovation. The upper level is dedicated to displaying the finest offerings from their top-tier car fleet, a testament to their commitment to quality.

Ascending to this space reveals the zenith of BMW's lineup. The showroom becomes a stage where automotive excellence takes center stage, with each vehicle representing a pinnacle of design and engineering.

Flanking the showroom's edges are confined seating areas, characterized by dark wood and black ceilings. These spaces provide a distinct contrast to the overall white ambiance of the showroom, offering cozy retreats within the expansive layout.

Illuminating the entire showroom are kreon aplis in-line 165 fixtures, the largest within their family. These fixtures are tailored for large open spaces like car showrooms, providing bright illumination without causing glare. The vehicles are bathed in light that enhances their features and showcases BMW's craftsmanship.

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