New optics for better performance

New optics for better performance

At kreon, we strive to improve our products each day to ensure our clients a state-of-the-art experience.

To achieve this, we introduce three new optics for four of our existing products.

kreon holon 40

kreon holon 40 receives an update with two new lenses: the double focus darklight.
This focal lens with a small size aperture of merely 8mm provides an invisible light thanks to the deep recessed position of the light source.
kreon holon will be available as a darklight, with a beam angle of 36° and a wide darklight, which has a beam angle of 60°.
This new lens will be available in all variations of kreon holon 40: directional, fixed and pendant.


kreon onn-wall, up 80 wallwasher and wabi wall

The second upgrade can be found in the latest additions to the kreon onn-wall range, kreon up 80 wallwasher and kreon wabi wall.
Each of these product ranges will be equipped with a new high efficiancy wallwasher optic.
This optic provides an excellent uniform light beam to highlight your wall, ceiling or floor.