kagi means key in Japanese referring to the shape of a keyhole, which equals the shape of the profile, and symbolizes the key to a 3-dimensional world. 
kreon kagi is an innovative and remarkably versatile profile system combining linear and accent lighting.
The 24V profile can be either recessed or surface mounted, offering the flexibility to suit different installation requirements. To achieve a sustained soft light distribution, the profile can optionally be fitted with satinated continuous light tubes in 16mm or 26mm diameters.
An engenious junction allows a perpendicular, 90° tilted connections, enabling the creation of a second level with the 24V profile. This adds a new dimension to the lighting possibilities.
Additionally, round or square shaped spotlights and wallwashers can be effortlessly attached to the main profiles, providing additional lighting options. The position of the spotlights can be easily adjusted along the track, offering further customization. kreon kagi serves as an indispensable tool for architects and lighting designers, offering opportunities for creative light compositions and functioning as both a captivating visual element and a guiding light source.
kreon kagi profiles and modules can be wirelessly dimmed using the Casambi app, providing a user-friendly control solution.