down 40

down 40

kreon down directional is a fully recessed spotlight with a built‑in snoot that serves two purposes. Firstly it absorbs stray flux, so aiding beam control, and secondly it provides an integrated mounting ring for the fixation of additional optical lenses for increased optimisation. kreon down directional has a rotational adjustment of 360º and an angular adjustment of 30º, which, when combined with the choice of spot, flood and wide flood TIR reflector, provides a truly versatile accent lighting tool.

kreon down fixed is the perfect solution for general lighting and features a flood beam mirror reflector set above the black or white internal louvre, optimised to create pools of light on horizontal surfaces or dramatic scalloping effects on verticals.

kreon down wallwasher provides near perfect uniformity on vertical surfaces. This is made possible by the unique optical design that is capable of reflecting light to the very top of adjacent walls through a full 180º beam angle, whilst still maintaining an effective downlight component.

down 40 directional

down 40 downlight

down 40 wallwasher