kreon fuga

kreon    fuga

kreon fuga is a linear pendant luminaire with a simple geometric language that combines a vertical suspension bar between a slim horizontal ceiling bar and a linear light bar, to provide the most discreet form of pendant illumination. kreon fuga is available in three length options and can be postponed to run parallel or perpendicular to the light bar, and can be combined with various driver options to suit the dimming protocol.

Meaning of kreon fuga

  • Fuga: compositional technique in music
  • A fugue has three sections: an exposition, a development and a final entry that contains the return of the subject


fuga 600

  • Osram Duris E3
  • 6.4W, 85CRI (291lm), 2700K, 500mA
  • Diffuser + CDP (conical de-glaring prism)

fuga 900

  • Osram Duris E3
  • 9.5W, 85CRI (567lm), 2700K, 500mA
  • Diffuser + CDP 

fuga 1200

  • Osram Duris E3
  • 12.7W, 85CRI (578lm), 2700K, 500mA
  • Diffuser + CDP

600 – 900 – 1200

  • Gear excl.: fits on a Down in-Line 80 plasterkit

900 - 1200

  • Gear incl.: only ON/OFF, no installation kit required


Rotation of light unit: 180°
Reposition of light unit, aligned with base


Order your kreon fuga luminaire in 3 steps:

  • Choose length of light unit

  • Choose pendant height

  • Choose length of base


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