kreon downlights 60

kreon downlight 60

The kreon downlights 60 are new ranges of round and square shaped recessed downlights with an aperture of 60mm.

Equipped with the very latest high performance faceted reflector in a fixed downlight or wallwash luminaire they offer optimal efficiency and uniformity.

High lumen output can be generated out of a discreet aperture. The light emission in the primary beam of the downlight is precise and sharp without any diffusion.

The combination of a flood optic with UGR<19 and a tunable white 2700K to 5000K makes kreon aplis and kreon down 60 the perfect tools to bring general lighting in an office space, while the wide flood downlight makes it possible to illuminate spaces efficiently with a minimum of luminaires.

The powerful wallwasher ensures uniform light distribution with high lux values on vertical surfaces.

Product features: 

  • small dimension, size 60
  • precise light distribution
  • glare control for visual comfort
  • high efficiencies
  • designers preferred light source

kreon aplis 60

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spot                                       flood                                     wide flood


kreon aplis in-line 60


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spot                                       flood                                     


kreon down 60

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spot                                       flood                                     wide flood