Fuorisalone 2021

Fuorisalone 2021

The return of the object

kreon creative space Milan opens its doors for Fuorisalone during Milan design week
showcasing Belgian designer brand: Alinea design objects and Tribù

5 -10 September 2021
10am - 8pm

creative space Milan
Via V. Forcella 5
20144 Milano

From September 5-10 2021, kreon creative space Milan, will open its doors for Fuorisalone during the Milan design week. kreon and belux will present “the world of kreon”, with new customisable office lighting and architectural lighting. "The world of kreon" represents a total range of functional comfort solutions including cooling ceiling systems, acoustic and audio systems, office lighting and architectural lighting.

kreon and belux are now expanding their offer with new office lighting solutions and architectural lighting with high-performing optics. The collection includes a series of downlights, uplights and side lights that blend harmoniously into ceilings, floors and walls. kreon always respects the discreet position of the light source, creating pleasant warmth, while leaving no chance to any unpleasant light glare.

The new designs are also characterised by a striking decorative approach. kreon and belux integrate surprising materials like alabaster with historical references in the collection.

Comfort, connectivity, technology and architectural design play an equally important role throughout the collection.

Customisable office lighting

The lighting planning concept – with an eye for comfort and functionality – is the common thread throughout the new office lighting. Users always adjust their work lighting to personal requirements and their own visual needs.

belux therefore launched a new free-standing lamp that fulfils all the comfort needs of modern office work.

belux kido

belux kido stands for the quest for the different, the new, the innovative. It is the answer to a thorough design process by belux, a process that achieves its results by listening to its partners, leading experts in spatial design and office and workplace lighting.

belux kido combines the renowned expertise in aesthetics and style of Belgian art director Kristof Pycke with the excellent knowledge of Swiss engineer Bruno Aeberli. For example, the professional workplace lighting belux kido ensures that glare and unpleasant light do not stand a chance and that an excellent and well-balanced light distribution is guaranteed. Aesthetically, it breaks fixed patterns and common conventions, and fits perfectly into exceptional interior design.

Type:                direct and indirect workspace lighting

Features:          free standing floor, desk mounted or as a pendant fixture
Finishing:         black or white
Optical:            prismatic diffuser, satinated


Architectural lighting

The architectural collection is also referred to as “tools of light”. The real eye-catcher in this collection is a new profile system that can be built modularly with cylindrical and cube-shaped luminaries. Special fixtures with surprising finishes such as alabaster create a unique look with remarkable decorative elements.

kreon also proposes a multitude of new downlight solutions, with new models and new accessories. The optics for this series offer more comfort, greater efficiency and a greater architectural design feel.


Integrated downlights

kreon inti

inti stands for the new simplicity. kreon inti sets out to give the lighting designer a tool to create different atmospheres within the architecture, with one single downlight without creating unnecessary “noise” within the space. Two different light images are created from a single point of light; directional point illumination and diffuse illumination. By combining these two opposing light effects within the same fixture, kreon inti becomes an innovative choice for unity, regardless of the dual function.

kreon inti is the result of patiently building on a knowledge of lighting technology and carefully exploring the characteristic design of kreon: simplicity, clarity and unity.

But this simplicity and uniformity should not be confused with formal frugality. It is the concentration of complexity in a single defining part, in which the high recessed dome does not need to be purely transparent and neutral, but translucent and soothing. This faceted dome is inspired by the decorative glass design of the 1950s.

Type:              recessed downlight size 80
Features:       ambient light ambient + directional spot, single or double circuit
Finishing:       white or black
Optical:          glassy or matt dome
                        spot 15°, darklight 18 °, wide darklight 36 °
Optional:       concrete plasterkit



kreon aplis 60 & down 60

kreon aplis 60 and kreon down 60 are new ranges of round and square shaped recessed downlights with an aperture of 60mm.

Equipped with the very latest high performance faceted reflector in a fixed downlight or wallwash luminaire they offer optimal efficiency and uniformity. High lumen output can be generated out of a discreet aperture. The light emission in the primary beam of the downlight is precise and sharp without any diffusion.

The combination of a flood optic with UGR<19 and a tunable white 2700K to 5000K makes kreon aplis and kreon down 60 the perfect tools to bring general lighting in an office space, while the wide flood downlight makes it possible to illuminate spaces efficiently with a minimum of luminaires.

The powerful wallwasher ensures uniform light distribution with high lux values on vertical surfaces.

Type:              recessed downlight size 60
Features:        spot lighting
Finishing:       white or black
Optical:          high performance faceted reflector
                       spot, flood, wide flood, wallwasher
Optional:       concrete plasterkit




kreon stripe

kreon stripe 25 is a truly versatile semi-recessed ceiling and wall luminaire characterised by a compact form hosting a single or double deepset downlight or a single wallwasher. kreon stripe 25 combines small rythmic pools of accent lighting with homogeneous wall washing light effects.

High efficient optics  provide efficient, glare free light and even light distribution. Finished in black for a dramatic contrast or pure white to disappear in the surrounding architecture.

type:               semi-recessed ceiling luminaire
features:         single & double fixed downlight and wall washer
                       trimless plasterkit with magnetic fixation
finishing:        pure white and low gloss black paint
optical:           spot 15°, darklight 36°, wide darklight 60° and wall washer
                       downlight with double focus lens, wallwasher with spoon reflector
optional:        concrete plasterkit



Profile system

kreon kagi

kreon kagi stands for three-dimensionality. The kreon kagi profile system has the spatial ability to organise and connect individual zones in modern architecture. It represents pure construction, by merging independent elements into a single unique unit. It aims to achieve the maximum effect with a minimum of material. Kreon Kagi enters into dialogue with the space in which it is used and connects ground elements – 24V track – with simple round or square volumes and materials.

The result always has its own dynamic in the surrounding architecture, both formal and visual, and will be different based on the intended purpose of the architect or the lighting planner. The kreon kagi system is an organising principle in architecture and offers a basic solution in a light plan.

Modern architecture is increasingly striving towards the principle of open space that is only divided by functional requirements. The ground elements of the Kagi profile system accentuate movements in space and variable focus points. kreon kagi easily allows the illumination of objects, functions, or focus points by adding simple round or square light containers.  By applying wallwash modules correctly, the lighting planner creates the surface that is illuminated, thus drawing the attention. By planning vertical lighting, the light planner can also accentuate partitioned surfaces in the area.

The kreon kagi modules are round or square spotlights and wall washers that fit perfectly into the empty or linear 16 mm kagi profiles. The connection is made by pricking small copper pins into the integrated 48V wiring. For a decorative touch, optional round and square discs are available in alabaster. All modules are wireless controllable via Bluetooth by Casambi.

Profile system:

Type:           modular profile system
Features:     diameter of 16 mm and 26 mm continuous linear light.    
                    closed profile for dark intermezzos.
Finishing:    black
Optical:       satinated tube
                    mirror dome reflector
Optional:     plaster kit



Type:           spotlights & wall washers
Features:     round and square shaped spotlights
                    round and square shaped decorative disks
                    Bluetooth controlled
Finishing:    spotlights: white and black
                    decorative discs: alabaster
Optical:       micro-faceted reflector in the downlights