Kreon symbolises the language of form of contemporary architecture, an architecture based on right angles and straight lines. Unpretentious in their designs, the luminaires and ceiling systems are universal and  timeless.Kreon’s designs are inspired by architectural principles, which even the lamps and bulbs with their light beams must adhere to. Thanks to these architectural values, Kreon can engage in an equal dialogue with the architects. Kreon’s luminaires and ceiling solutions are not seen as individual elements, but enter into a formal alliance with the surrounding architecture.

We can only achieve these aims together with our qualified and committed team.


Company profile

Kreon NV is a leading manufacturer of architectural light fittings and metal ceiling systems.​ Ever since its creation Kreon has stood out on the market for its unique approach to the concept of lighting.​ Kreon is active in the design and manufacture of durable and premium quality designer lighting and ceiling systems, for which it has received worldwide recognition.

Beginning this year Kreon NV acquired Belux AG, a Swiss lighting company. Belux addresses demanding lighting tasks and develops sophisticated light solutions in the highest formal quality both for private and commercial use. Belux views luminaires as space-creating elements which combine modern light technology, functional design, durable materials and energy-saving components.


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