Studio Segers

Studio Segers

Maaseik, Belgium
Raf Segers

Right on the Dutch border, in the north-eastern corner of Belgium is the home port of the Segers family. Wim (the father), Bob and Raf (his sons) are the building blocks Studio Segers. Not only architecture is their core business, they’re also product developers and graphic designers.
In 2018 they build a fully new office building. They chose for industrial construction, that has the perks of having a fast construction time and has a specific look. The industrial look with concrete walls and the visible beam structure was something they really appreciated.
kreon metal ceiling systems makes sure that the building services are fully integrated in this rough industrial construction, and makes the ceiling void easily accessible. The ceiling is a seamless integrated design surface, that gives every space its own unique personality. The integrated kreon lighting gives this rough environment an elegant touch, without compromising on functionality.

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