Private residence, Casablanca

Private residence, Casablanca

Casablanca, Morocco
Laurent Zagury
Serge Brison

As a true specialist in the realisation of high end villa’s and resorts, the team of Space Oddity was the best parter to design this private residence in Cassablanca. Space Oddity, based in Cassablanca, was founded by Laurent Zagury in 1997, today he is surrounded with three architects with eclectic and complementary backgrounds united by a desire to
share their passion for the job of architect.
Together with the architect, the kreon lighting consultancy department set up a complete light plan for this residence with specialized lighting simulation software. This enables the client to analyze whether the proposed lighting setup will also produce the desired illumination and lighting effects. The contrast between light and dark zones is clearly mapped as well as the color temperature of the light. This way, light quality and quantity will be a scientific approach to be seamlessly integrated into your architectural plan in stead of a mere gamble. Your lighting plan receives a new dimension and lighting gets the attention it deserves throughout the design process.

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