Private residence

Private residence, South-Holland

Lansingerland, The Netherlands
Marc Engelen Interieur Vormgeving
Serge Brison

Our luminaires played a pivotal role in this contemporary residence situated in Lansingerland, The Netherlands, masterfully curated by Marc Engelen Interieur Vormgeving. The visual narrative of this project was eloquently captured by the lens of the distinguished photographer, 'Serge Brison.'

The array of luminaires deployed included the aplis in-line 40, strategically placed within the confines of the bathroom, alongside its counterpart, the aplis in-line 80. To accentuate the brilliance of art pieces adorning the walls, stripe wallwashers were meticulously employed. The ato 80, both in single and twin configurations, contributed their radiance to the spatial ambiance. A testament to ingenuity was the holon 40 book, seamlessly integrating aesthetics and functionality.

Adding an extra layer of allure to the design were the recessed and surface-mounted nuit profiles. These profiles, with their refined design, served as a testament to the coalescence of form and function.

However, the eyecatcher of this project was undoubtedly the oran pendant stones. Suspended at varying heights, these stones created a mesmerizing illusion, transforming the ensemble into a singular, breathtaking masterpiece of craftsmanship.

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