ICONNO, Madrid

Madrid, Spain
José Miguel Simón
Valentina Sommariva

In the heart of Madrid, in the summer of 2015, José Miguel Simón opened a multi-brand showroom: ICONNO, presenting brands like Rimadesio, Siematic, Lupi and Flexform.

In this space, he shows a great variety of the Kreon-luminaires, with the eye-catching Nuit and Prologe 80 in the kitchen zone.

In the office area, he combined Kreon Ceiling Solutions to form an authentic design with Tenno and Aplis in-Line 80.

Apart from the luminaires used in the kitchen and office space, the showroom is illuminated with some of Kreon's latest innovations: Holon 40, Down in-Line 40, and Down in-Line 120, mixed with a variety of well-established products: Down in-Line 80, Erubo, Rei, Regard, Up in-Line and Mini Side.

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